5 foods to avoid during menstruation
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Menstruation is a biological phenomenon that occurs to every woman in the world

The start of menstrual cycle known as menarche begins from 8 to 15 years and the stoppage of menstruation called menopause happens between 45 to 55 years.

Menstrual cycle is accompanied with distressful cramps and mood swings so it is important to eat healthy during this period

Due to frequent mood changes that happens during menstruation, women often crave for their favourite junk food a lot while on periods

However, it is necessary to keep in mind that staying away from unhealthy food options during menstruation is good for the body

As fatigue and dehydration occurs more during menstruation, unhealthy food items can only upset our body more making us highly prone to sickness

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Some of the food items that you should avoid during menstruation –

Processed Food 

There isn’t any food better than homemade or ghar ka khana during periods as fast food, ready-to-eat food packets can cause excessive discomfort to the already distressed body. It is a wise option to take your eyes from the luscious street food that may catch your sight making your mouth water during periods and instead gorge on healthy meals like khichdi and salad of green leafy vegetables. During the loss of blood, there is a dip in iron levels in the body so eating sufficient amount of dal can help in preventing iron deficiency in the body. Besides, lentils being a wonderful storehouse of protein, can keep your body healthy and stop you from craving for unhealthy food options.


Stay away from alcohol during periods as it can cause bloating and further worsen menstrual symptoms. One of the most effective form of drink that you can consume during menstruation is ginger tea. According to a study, ginger can be as effective as ibuprofen and other over-the-counter medicine in relieving menstrual cramps. For this reason, a few slices of ginger in a cup of tea will not only reduces those cramps but also refresh your body and mind. Moreover, keep drinking water regularly to stay hydrated as the body tends to lose fluids and gets dehydrated during periods

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Red Meat

Red meat is a very harmful food item to consume during periods as it contains acids that make the prostate glands very active and increases pain. To get a good amount of proteins, always include lentils and beans in your diet as they also contain iron which is a nutrient much necessary for consumption during menstruation.

High salty food

Excessive sodium intake can only worsen menstrual cramps as it leads to water retention which can only result in bloating. Try to add less salt in your meals during periods. Moreover, stay away from fast food which contains a huge quantity of salt and is thereby bad for your health during menstruation

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It is better to stay away from coffee and its many versions during periods as high caffeine can only worsen the distressful cramps further. Dehydration also occurs more if caffeine is consumed in large amounts during periods. Opt for healthy drinks like ginger tea, green tea, coconut water and green vegetable smoothies to get hydration and other health benefits.

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