Menstruation is a biological phenomenon that occurs to every woman in the world

The start of menstrual cycle known as menarche begins from 8 to 15 years and the stoppage of menstruation happens between 45 to 55 years.

The monthly cycle of menstruation is often characterized by severe cramps and mood swings

To reduce the distress of menstrual cramps, you should include the following food items and drinks in your diet while on your periods-

Bananas – A popular fruit that we can have everyday without complaints, bananas which are full of Vitamin B6 and minerals like potassium and magnesium can reduce pain and bloating

Dark Chocolates- If you are a chocolate addict, look no further than dark chocolates that is rich in cocoa, iron and magnesium to keep menstrual cramps as well as mood swings at bay

Green leafy vegetables – A salad of green leafy vegetables like broccoli, kale and spinach is a good idea to have on periods as they improve blood flow and provide a host of health benefits

Water- As the body tends to lose fluids and gets dehydrated during periods, drinking sufficient water is necessary to remain hydrated

Ginger Tea-When a study has found that ginger can be as effective as ibuprofen in relieving menstrual cramps, what can be better than adding some of it to your cup of hot tea?