Eggs are excellent sources of protein that are not only healthy to eat but provide nourishment to hair and skin too

The yolk and albumin of eggs are storehouses of essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which help in hair growth and firm skin

Here are some of the ways in which you can use eggs as a beauty product-

Natural Hair Conditioner :  Apply a mixture of egg and yoghurt in your hair, keep for 30 minutes and wash off with water to get silky and shiny tresses

Nourishing Face Mask : Add eggs and honey together, massage on your face and rinse it off to get an instant hydration boost or a shot of moisture

Anti-Ageing Formula : Mix egg white, oatmeal, yoghurt and honey together and voila, you will have a mask that doesn’t only sound as food for skin but will make you feel years younger later

Hair Growth Booster : Massage your hair thoroughly with a recipe of coconut oil and eggs and see how your damaged hair will become bountiful and you can say goodbye to hair loss