Birds are creating hype due to their unique NFT characteristics in NFTs.

NFTs have turned the technology towards digital assets never imagined before. NFTs have successfully presented a new vision for empowering digital assets with prospects for trustless transactions. Bird’s NFTs are more or less the same as other NFT collections before them.

Birds NFTs are the latest addition to the ever-expanding NFT market and are already creating hype due to their unique NFT characteristics. Birds’ NFT collection consists of 10,000 superb owl NFTs that differ in rarity and possess different traits and character elements. Birds is a collection of pixel art birds minted on Ethereum. Each bird has other characteristics that show its scarcity, and the art creates a fitting profile picture on social media like Twitter. Each bird NFT has a unique charm and eccentric personality trait that differentiates it from other NFTs. Each Bird NFT holder may receive additional perks, including access to the project’s private Discord server. Other rewards such as in-person events, physical items, and airdrops have been promised. The usability of Birds also allows membership in a private club alongside ensuring other benefits for users holding their assets for more extended periods. The private club opens up Birds NFT holders to the community with access to personal Birds NFT channels for data on community events, upcoming drops, and other advancements. Their attractive design, coupled with the reputation and the massive attention the project garnered before the mint, resulted in tremendous hype, creating further catalysts for birds’ price. Birds NFT promise something more than many other NFT projects, which explains why demand has been strong despite the high mint price.


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