The informative content that he shares surrounding the DeFi space on his Twitter has earned him a massive following

Guwahati: We have seen an unexpected rise in the digital asset space, especially with cryptocurrencies and NFT’s (Non-fungible tokens) shattering all records as far as sales are concerned.

There is in fact a strong reason behind their sudden emergence in recent times, as many transitioned towards digitization owing to the global pandemic, getting drawn in huge numbers towards the trading and investing zone around digital assets.

Today, cryptos and NFTs have become one of the most preferred investment options of investors and traders worldwide.

These digital assets have been gaining popularity from all various quarters owing to their potential, which is predicted to hit the skies in the near future.

Industry expert Cryptosfo says that this ever-growing emerging technology that Web 3.0 has brought forward has the potential to grow exponentially in coming times, and investors are majorly keeping an eye on them to gain massive returns, especially in cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which taken giant strides and grown popular like never before.

According to Cryptosfo, many investors and traders today are drifting towards cryptos and NFT investments as they are confident of its vast future potential which are bound to yield good returns.

Having said that, many who have been around this space are still not well versed with its workings and carry on their activities with half-baked knowledge.

This is where experts like Cryptosfo come into the picture to guide them through the entire process of choosing the right digital assets that bear potential.

He constantly updates the latest happenings around the DeFi world on his Twitter @cryptosfo, which has garnered humongous following as his findings have helped them zero down the best projects that have enough weightage to strike big in the future.

Those who follow him closely on his social media have experienced a change in their investment earnings to a great extent, and that has pushed his popularity to the next level, and that’s evident by the kind of queries he gets each day regarding the digital asset space.

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