5 latest coffee table designs you should opt for

Coffee tables are a staple object in every living room. They were created with the purpose of placing your drinks on it, putting your feet up or putting tiny trinkets to jazz up the space. However, since it is 2019, you obviously need a modern twist to your furniture. There are loads of designs, materials, and sizes that are very stylish and match the overall aesthetic of the rest of the furniture in the room. The following list will include 5 latest coffee table designs you should opt for:


  • Contemporary: Minimalistic furniture might look fragile and tedious to maintain, but they extremely elegant. You can opt for a glass top for the table. This past year, glass tables have become a rage and thus, a variety of transparent tones and intricate shapes are present. The main advantage of selecting a glass table top is that you can give a contemporary touch to any previous traditional coffee table you had.
  • Metal: You can always go for a metal piece for a coffee table. Metal furniture on the other hand might seem intimidating, but in contrast to the fragility of glass, these tables give out a certain sense of boldness to the furniture. You can go for a metal table with textures to give it a complex yet subtle treatment. These tables are a great mixture of modern and contemporary sensibilities.
  • Unconventional table tops: You can choose unfinished wood to display a playful yet aesthetic structure. Unfinished wood is a concept that most youngsters love. It is edgy and lends a distinct character to the furniture. You can either go for a table that is not coloured properly or opt for one which is fully carved. And the best part is that if you think smart, you can get an unfinished coffee table at a shoestring budget or go the DIY way!
  • Marble table tops: The main enigma of a coffee table is trapped in the part that is visible to most people. So you need to focus on the table tops much more than the lower portions. Marble on the other hand is a trendy alternative that can never go wrong. It is classic and elegant and also looks really expensive.
  • Coffee table sets: Because one is never enough! Especially you love collecting first edition books that you might want to show off or bohemian centre pieces that you bought from best furniture stores should not be hidden inside cupboards. This is the best option if you do not want to spend money on a larger piece that is not even portable. Instead go for two pieces. You can move these according to your liking. You can also play with the colour scheme and opt for different coffee table in the same colour or tone. And to go a notch higher, select the same coffee table designs at Urban ladder in different colours and let the imagination fly.


The above points might help you select the perfect coffee table while being in flow with the present trends of interior design.