An 800 vehicles strong convoy of the Russian military has reportedly been destroyed by the Ukrainian forces near Bashtanka city in Mykolaiv region of Ukraine. 

Ukraine’s air force along with units of from the army and territorial defence, intercepted and destroyed the large Russian military convoy. 

The development was confirmed by regional council head of Dnipropetrovsk – Mykola Lukashuk. 

“In the (Tuesday) afternoon, we received information about the Russian military column, moving towards Kryvyi Rih from Bashtanka, consisting of about 800 wheeled vehicles. Our defenders reacted immediately, preventing the enemy from entering Dnipropetrovsk region,” Lukashuk informed. 

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Among the destroyed Russian vehicles and equipment include D-30A howitzers, BTR-80 APCs, Pantsir missile system vehicles and supply trucks with ammunitions. 

Reportedly, a few Russian soldiers were also held captive by the Ukrainian forces. 

During the operation, the Ukrainian defence forces also lost one helicopter. 

However, the pilots of the helicopter managed to survive. 

(More details awaited)