At least six babies were born until late Saturday night at bomb shelters across Ukraine amid the ongoing invasion of the country by Russia. 

This was confirmed by the Ukraine health ministry on Sunday. 

Sunday is the fourth day of the unprecedented and ‘brutal’ invasion of Ukraine by Russia. 

“Due to air raid alerts, women have to give birth in the maternity hospitals’ basements, serving as bomb shelters,” Ukraine health ministry said. 

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Notably, one baby girl was born at a Kyiv metro station, which is also serving as a bomb shelter, Ukraine health ministry added. 

“First (to our knowledge) baby was born in one of the shelters in Kyiv. Under the ground, next to the burning buildings and Russian tanks We shall call her Freedom!” Ukraine’s foreign ministry said. 

The baby girl born to a 23-year-old woman has reportedly been named Mia. 

Mia, the new-born girl, was delivered by officials of the Ukrainian police force.