Anger is the most negative emotion that can occur in humans which can make them do things that they can deeply regret later.

When a person gets angry, he/ she will not only shout rudely and misbehave with others but will also get affected physically as well as mentally.

Celebrity tarot card Dr. Shefali Gupta has suggested these different ways of controlling your anger in your day-to-day life-

Use sandalwood fragrance

Gupta claims that sandalwood frangrance can calm your mind and body and put you in a meditative state and can thereby help you in finding peace

Wear any type of pearls

As pearls have a calming effect on the body, Gupta suggested people with bad temper and anger issues to wear this pure jewel

Wear pastel colour clothes

Pastel colours are less saturated and hence it is often associated with calming and peaceful vibes that can help you in controlling your anger

Declutter / Organize your room

Science and religion both says that a clean and organized space is absolutely essential to remain positive

Wear moonstone bracelet

If you are a person who always gets into worst mood or tempers, Gupta recommends using a moonstone bracelet as it is believed to ease out the aggressive side of the wearer

Avoid spicy food

Gupta advises on eating light meals regularly and avoiding spicy food as the latter kind of edibles can make people more prone to getting aggressive easily