Career is one of the most essential aspects which determines the success and prosperity of a person in his / her life.

A successful career helps a person to attain name, fame and money and enjoy more materialistic pleasures.

The main ingredients for a successful career is hard work and perseverance

However, our negative thoughts or unfortunate situations may sometimes create blockages in our career paths

To remove blockages from your career growth path , you can follow these Vastu tips-

Place your work desk in such a way that the position of the wall is behind your back as this indicates support.

Try to create a small balcony or an open space in front of your workplace as it opens up the flow of creativity

Hang pictures of mountains or photo frames with motivational quotes in your office to gain strength and positivity.

As per Vastu, the furniture of your work desk should be wooden and in a rectangular or square shape as it is believed to boost productivity.

The best direction to face while working is the North or East.

Opt for revolving and high back chairs while working as it allow the flow of success more smoothly.

While having a work call or an online interview, try and face the East or North directions for better results and monetary gains.

If there is any water leakage in your workplace, fix it immediately as it implies money losses.

Keep indoor plants like rosemary, spider plan , lavender to attract money and release stress.

Never keep dustbin or shoes in the west zone of your office