WhatsApp is the most common social media messaging platform that we use today for chatting and sharing pictures and videos

From our personal life to professional duties, WhatsApp has today become an essential app on our cellphones and we simply can’t imagine our life without it

However, one of the most distracting features of WhatsApp is that most people can see if we are currently online or not

To address this issue, WhatsApp has launched several new privacy features for its users recently

The latest version of WhatsApp allows you to hide your online status as per your choices

The online status hiding feature of WhatsApp is now available for all users on the iOS and Android platforms

To avail this feature, update your WhatsApp app and then head over to the Settings option which can be found from the three vertically-arranged dots located in the extreme right corner

Click on the Privacy option and go to Last seen and online

You can now exercise your choices about ‘who can see my last seen’ and ‘who can see when I’m online’ by selecting any one option given

Users can already hide their last seen from everyone, persons from their contact lists or just a few select contacts

They make also choose to not hide their last seen from anyone if they like by clicking the ‘Nobody’ option from ‘who can see my last seen’ list

Users can hide their online status by selecting any of these two options- ‘Everyone’ or ‘same as last seen’