10 facts about the animal kingdom

Guwahati: The animal kingdom is quite interesting as there are many facts that many people do not know or are not yet aware of.

Some animals have special abilities while some have some limits that make them quite unique. 

Here are 10 such facts about animals that you may have never heard of:

Elephants are said to be the only mammals that cannot jump

An ostrich has bigger eyes than its brain

Girrafes do not have vocal cords

Butterflies in the Amazon are said to drink tears of turtles

Bats when leaving a cave will always turn left

Female dragonflies will fake their death to escape sexual advances

An average cow can produce around 2 lakh glasses of milk in a lifetime

Shrimps’ have their hearts in the head

Lobsters urinate through their faces

Frogs cannot vomit but if one has to, it will vomit its entire stomach

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