In the previous articles, it was propounded how the prevailing conditions of culture and so-called democracy in our country would result in devastation in the wake of the pandemic.

As it’s known that prophecy doesn’t wake up any society or culture to suddenly introspect and change itself for the better, culture of a country or region is an inherent characteristic and it is not organic enough to become introspective at times and suddenly change.

Human culture probably changes just like cultured bacteria or virus change, suddenly and unexpectedly to some external conditions like some antibiotics or some mutagenic agents, or change of host. Just like past human cultures like the different civilizations as we call them (eg Egyptian) at times the whole culture suddenly dies.

Some kind of ancient “all or none” phenomenon exists, we already have examples, pre WW2 Germany has pre-existing cultural conditions of Protestant ethics which made it a fertile ground for war-oriented industrialization to make it a key WW2 causing country and forced others to become like itself to finally conclude the war.

The same might be the case with Japan and Italy of those times, but what is similar with China is the superimposition of industrial growth of contemporary nature (mainly electronic goods for developing and developed countries) and other finished goods for underdeveloped countries (like African) on the communism of Chinese type (which developed into a culture of strictness like the ones in pre-war Germany and Japan), wherein people somehow suddenly become usable for some higher purpose like war (although it’s a bad purpose) but nevertheless logical for furthering the interests of such an economy with its driving polity.

As our esteemed prime minister has said “the age of expansionism is over” but what doesn’t strike our leaders is that with big technology giants like Google and Facebook the borders were already meaningless in a way.

To cross a border and sell China’s goods it doesn’t need to expand by using its army to capture the territory where it wants to sell, it uses technology and finds out how to further its business by knowing what people want from the devices it’s already mass-produced and sold at low price in those other countries. It has got its spy network already functioning even without entering physically into the borders of other countries.

In contrast, our culture was to keep basking in some dubious past glory and keep concentrating on some weaker enemy by showing how we had won in the past, whereas the Chinese had won the war even without firing a bullet, just showing on stupid TV channels how someone broke down a TV made in China doesn’t mean we had won, if someone goes to the market out there, many products are still sold which are made in China and there is no alternative even now.

In the past Indian region was a victim of British imperialism due to misuse of the Indian economy for its own affluence at the cost of the Indian economy, but that was possible then only after physical occupation, but now with the advanced technology and present inevitable state of dependence on technology like the mobile devices and communications networks, is possible to subjugate the population of another country by using such devices and manipulate them through social media to the advantage of the business interests of the country like China, as a result of which the US has banned the Chinese mobile devices which have 5G capacity.

In such a big trade war India and it’s innocent and scientifically backward population which are still fixated in the stupid TV channel-driven religious propaganda are suffering just like when they suffered the famines after British rule, only thing is they are desperately wanting to change the government or vote for the most vocal and promising politicians just like they used to believe in pre-independence times.

But least do they the unscientific and stupid know that their existence is threatened not only due to an already subverted democracy (which exists only for name sake) but also that they are blatantly exposed to global economic problems including the ones caused because of global warming etc. Exploitative governments in the garb of facilitating businesses are least bothered about meeting such exigencies. The consequences are in front of us.

Not only did the government was effective in concealing its failures but was so blatant in lying about the exact figures of death and economic destruction of its own people that it becomes imperative to conclude that the prevailing culture of our country was conducive for a slave like surrender and self-destruction at the hands of the global hegemony of the prevailing conditions of trade imbalances, economic downturns, loss of human life and dignity at death and also an amazingly effective cover-up of the whole thing as if nothing had ever happened signifying the non-existence of any healthy democratic institution of mass media.

Further attacks by the state apparatuses like the ED etc on small mass media platforms and use of intimidation and trickery to shed away responsibility shows that this cover-up was intentional and breeding of such bigoted bureaucracy for its own cancerous growth.

The silence of others in the system who know very well what’s happening shows the pathetic state of affairs and a kind of return to the state of pro-slavery culture wherein it would be possible for an external agency like the British East India company or our own brown Indian or Chinese crony corporate to take over the power to further their business interests at the cost of people’s lives and future.

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