Delhi is under severe environmental seize due to the air pollution.

In India, what we learn today after making repeated mistakes, we tend to forget tomorrow.

Delhi is under severe environmental seize due to the air pollution from stubble burning, vehicular emissions, construction activity and bursting of fire crackers during Deepawali.

The prevailing condition in the Metros should be an eye opener for every state in India. Assam too will face similar problem, if timely measures are not taken.

It is high time that, instead of playing a ‘blame-game’ between the government and public, awareness programmes among the public in the remote villages and towns must be implemented.

Seminars, talk and debate should be conducted in every institution be it educational, governmental or non-governmental offices. Total ban on all the factors responsible for air pollution are strictly implemented.

The problem is that neither the government nor the citizens have the will to do it. But if all of us do not wake up now it will be too late. It is high time the government implements stringent measures to curb air pollution so that the children, adults and senior citizens can breathe pure air and live a healthy life.

A section of the public contests that the bursting of crackers during Diwali celebrations is necessary as it allows them to express Hindu traditions/ideals and feel Hindu. However, we must not forget that being one with mother nature, and nurturing it is also a Hindu ideal. Above all, it is a humanistic ideal.

We find a thin layer of dust, rising in the air of Tinsukia and Guwahati, which could be the initial sign of smog formation.

Vehicular emission is the largest contributor to air pollution, which exhausts carcinogenic matter which affects well being of human being breathing that toxic air. It is not easy to digest the fact that even in the month November, we feel the heat like the months of June/ July and it is going to get worse if it is not contained in time.

Nobody ever thought what Delhi is enduring today, would turn out to be true a few years ago. They never agreed that the air quality will be a cause of concern or an alarm. The people of Assam are used to living in a relatively pollution-free environment. But it will soon, if not controlled, turn into yet another dystopian tale.

We human beings are responsible for the high amount of carbon emissions, and the day is not far when we would be forced to cover our faces with masks and would pine for oxygen; Oxygen would turn out be much costlier than gold and diamonds.

Its time to shrug off the apathy at all levels, be it government or public, and act now. We should have done it yesterday.


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