AGARTALA: Tripura chief minister Biplab Deb, on Thursday, met two Tripura students who safely returned home from the war-hit Ukraine.  

Deb felicitated both the students and extended his sincere gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his efforts to evacuate stranded Indian students from Ukraine.  

Deb said, “I extend my sincere thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his well calibrated initiatives to ensure safe homecoming of the Indian students. The evacuation process is underway and I believe all the students shall return home safe.” 

The two Tripura students, who returned from Ukraine are: Megha Trivedi and Jasmine Debbarma. 

Megha hails from Belonia sub-division of South Tripura district while Jasmine is from Agartala.   

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Deb also revealed that he had talks with union minister Kiren Rijiju, who is now camping at Ukraine borders to oversee the evacuation process.   

“I have talked to union minister Kiren Rijiju. He is right now in Slovakia to expedite the process of evacuation. We know the students are stranded in a hostile atmosphere like war but the government also has some limitations. It is not possible to airlift the students from a war zone. The way the courageous daughters of our state crossed the borders is commendable and all the stranded students must follow suit,” Deb added. 

On being asked what could be the possible number of Tripura students studying in Ukraine, Deb said, “the state government does not have any pre-condition for the students to register before going abroad for higher studies. The exact figure is not with us but yes helpline numbers have been circulated and those who are contacting us are being responded positively”.    

Speaking to the media, Jasmine Debbarma said, “I feel very good today. I still remember the high decibel sound of sirens that used to act as a signal to fall back to the bunkers. The situation in the bunkers was also pathetic. The embassy could not help us in the beginning but after we crossed the borders, we got the much-needed support.” 

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Megha Trivedi also echoed the same and said that had they been informed previously, they could have left Ukraine long back.  

“The war started all of a sudden. If we were given some sort of clear instructions, we may not have suffered so much,” said Trivedi.