AGARTALA: In what appears to be a significant political development in Tripura, ex-BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman who joined the Congress party a few days back gave a clarion call to all opposition parties to unite and organize.

Barman said, “no political party is our enemy for the cause of dethroning this government. We do politics for the welfare of people. We fight for a cause. People’s rights are being curbed; hooligans backed by the BJP have triggered utter lawlessness in the state. In the last four years, 517 people have been killed.

He added, “Crimes like abduction, attack on personal property, murders are rising at a skyrocketing pace. This situation needs to be changed”.

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Slamming the ruling party for forgetting its pre-poll promises, Barman said, “people of this state have been fooled before the 2018 assembly elections. BJP promised 50,000 new jobs every year. They promised that new windows of opportunities will be opened. In turn, people received deception. No political party is being given free hands to organize and express its views.”

“Media is also under attack, I feel all the opposition parties should ensure that they help one another to retaliate against this state of hooliganism”. Barman lamented that under consistent political pressure police are failing to play their role.

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“A police officer has been killed after he tried to pull curtains off the face of a well-connected drug kingpin. He did not get any justice. The call of Drug-Free Tripura has fallen flat”, he added.

Barman also reiterated that no MLA, Minister has any authority or power.

“I am inviting all my former colleagues to make a comeback to the party. Let’s breathe in the fresh air and work hard for the party that gave us all recognition from the beginning”, said Barman.