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Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) president and former chief minister, Pawan Chamling thanked the voters for a peaceful by-election in the State.

He has also thanked the people of all three constituencies for showing their love and trust to SDF party in this by-election.

He expressed that although the party has not been able to win any seat in the by-poll but SDF party has delivered its serious responsibility in the democracy by given candidates in all three seats.

He also expressed his commitment to continuously work for Sikkim and its people as a constructive opposition.

Addressing a press conference at SDF head-quarter in Gangtok on Thursday afternoon, SDF president SDF president thanked all workers and supporters of SDF party for their support in the election.

He also congratulated all three candidates of BJP-SKM alliance on their victory in the by-poll.

Chamling stated that SDF party believes on the democracy and has fulfilled its serious responsibility by given candidates in all three constituencies.

On the same, he said that although the people have chose BJP-SKM alliance but SDF party registered its presence in the by-poll.

He also mentioned that it was difficult for opposition to win the by-poll as the people do not wants to go against the ruling party.

SDF president alleged that the mandates of the people have been taken forcefully in Poklok-Kamrang constituency and added that its consequences would be seen in the future.

He stated that SDF would deliver the role of a constructive opposition in the State.

Chamling said that the people of Sikkim brought SDF party in the power for five consecutive times in the State with a historic mandate.

He added that even in the last election the people gave more votes than the ruling Sikkim Krantikari Morcha party. On the same, he stated that it shows the love and trust of the people on SDF party.

He expressed that SDF party wholeheartedly accepts the decision of the people wholeheartedly in this election.

SDF president expressed that the politics without the principle and value was very dangerous for Sikkim.

He stated that ongoing trend to brand the people with the political party was not healthy.

He said that nothing was non-political in Sikkim which shows there was no civil society in the State.

He added the intellectual society needs to stay neutral and to give their opinion on different issues to lead the society on the right direction.

Chamling stressed that the ruling party should protect the democratic and fundamental rights of the people of Sikkim.

He stated that a democratic environment was very important for the people of Sikkim.

He said that now after the election the government should work for the protection of every person irrespective of any party.

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