SKM leaders addressing media in Gangtok on reservation of seats for Limboo and Tamang communities in the Assembly on July 19, 2018. Photo: Northeast Now

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha party has asserted that if the SDF government is sincere and honest towards Limboo and Tamang communities then it should immediately call an all party meeting and lead the all party delegation to the Centre for the early reservation of seats for Limboo and Tamang in Sikkim Assembly.

Limboo and Tamang leaders of SKM party have alleged that the delay in the seat reservation was the great injustice to Limboo and Tamang communities.

SKM party alleged that the Centre has not been taking any issue of the state seriously as the state government is not serious and honest towards sensitive issues of the state.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, SKM spokesperson Khaling alleged that Sikkim Limboo Tamang Apex Committee (SILTAC) has been doing politics on this sensitive issue in the name of Limboo and Tamang communities of Sikkim. He added that instead of taking this issue to the logical end, SILTAC has been trying to hide the weakness and mistakes of the state government for the delay of the seat reservation. He said state government and SILTAC will be responsible and answerable to the people if seats are not reserved for Limboo and Tamang communities in the Assembly.

He pointed out that the ruling party has always shown the case filed by HR Pradhan as the cause for the delay in this issue. But, he added, Pradhan has never opposed the seats for Limboo and Tamang and filed the case for the early reservation of seats for Limboo and Tamang. The delay is because of the failure of the state government to give positive and satisfactory reply on the issue of seat reservation.

SKM vice-president, Birendra Tamling has strongly condemned the statement of SILTAC that opposition parties are using this sensitive issue for vote bank politics. He said SKM has been raising this issue for the early seat reservation.

They mentioned that communities from other States who got the tribal status with Limboo and Tamang of Sikkim have already got their seats in the State Assembly long time back but as LT of Sikkim have been deprived of their political rights due to insincerity of the State government.

Sagar Chhetri

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