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Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) party has strongly criticized and condemned the statement of the minister Sanjit Kharel against the former chief minister Pawan Chamling.

The SDF party has decided to file a FIR against the minister for giving threatening speech against former chief minister and a senior politician of the country.

It is informed that in a recent meeting of SKM party, the minister Kharel gave a threatening speech against SDF president and former chief minister.

Addressing a press conference in Gangtok on Wednesday, SDF spokesperson M K Subba alleged that not only SKM workers but even SKM ministers have started to support the political terrorism in the State.

While strongly condemning the threatening speech of the minister, he stated that the party has taken this issue of threatening to end a senior leader of the country.

Subba stated that the golden age of Sikkim democracy was in 25 years of SDF government led by Pawan Chamling. He added that the there was peace and security one month back in the State under the SDF government.

He alleged that there was just violence and political terrorism of SKM especially in the grassroots level of the State. He stated that the people of Sikkim brought SKM government in the power with expectation of the change in the State.

“But there is no any change in the State and no roadmap and work of SKM party despite of the completion of one month of P S Golay taking the charge of the sixth chief minister of Sikkim,” he alleged.

He asserted that the people of Sikkim need to understand this trend and should give justice to democracy in the State. He expressed his hope that the Governor would take suo-motto cognition of the matter.

He suggested SKM party not to mislead the people further but to work on its promises made during the election. He mentioned that recently the government enhanced the daily wages of skilled and semi-skilled workers but nothing for unskilled workers.

While mentioning that MGNREGA job card holders falls under unskilled workers, he stated that SKM promised to enhance daily wages of MGNREGA workers to Rs 300 per day in his election manifesto but nothing was there in this government order.

Sagar Chhetri

Sagar Chhetri is Northeast Now Correspondent in Gangtok. He can be reached at: sagchhetri@gmail.com

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