In a WHO study, it has been revealed that one in 10 Indians may develop cancer in a lifetime and the data has been termed as “alarming” by the oncologists.

In order to prevent some cancers, the oncologists have shared some tips.

A media report quoted Dr JB Sharma, HOD and senior consultant of Medical Oncology at Action Cancer Hospital as saying that discussion on women-centric cancers should prioritised to prevent cancer in women.

Referring to a study, Dr Sharma said breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in India while cervical cancer contributes around 6-29% of cancers in women in the country.

According to another study, he said, over 50,000 cervical cancer cases could be prevented in India by 2050.

“The regressive approach in our society also forces some of the women to ignore their pain and health concerns and lack of awareness leads them to such painful stages which can be very much prevented,” Dr Sharma said.

To prevent cancer, the women are advised not to ignore any mild or major lump in breasts or in armpits, nipple discharge apart from breast milk, etc.

The women should regularly do breast self-examination.

Especially, women after 40 years of age should go for timely breast screening, the oncologists say.

Besides, irregular vaginal bleeding, abnormal discharge are not to be ignored or taken lightly as these can be early warning signs of cervical cancer, according to the experts.

It is said Pap smear tests and HPV testing can help in preventing cervical cancer which can be done after 35 years of age yearly.

The other family members are also advised to remain sensitive towards female members of their families and extend support in getting their tests done.

Some age-specific screening tests can also save one at the pre-cancerous stage before the cancer develops in the body, says Dr Indu Bansal, director and senior consultant (Radiation Oncology) at Narayana Hospital Gurugram.

The report quoted Dr Deni Gupta, senior consultant (Medical Oncology) at Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital as saying that warning signs that need immediate attention.

In case of lump in any part of the body, one should go for check-up, Dr Gupta said.

Many times such lumps are the results of some lesser harmful diseases but it ensures timely medical attention, Dr Gupta added.

“Cancer, which is one of the leading causes of death globally, has seen a significant rise in India over the years,” another report quoted Dr Karamjit Kaur, MD (Obstetrician and Gynaecology) at the Fortis La Femme Hospital Bangalore as saying.

“According to WHO, one-third of the deaths from cancer are due to five leading behavioural and dietary risk — high body mass index, low fruits and vegetable intake, lack of physical activity, tobacco use and alcohol use,” Dr Kaur said.

She said when it comes to cancer in women the two most common types include cervical cancer and breast cancer.

“An early cancer is more amenable to cure than one which has been present for quite some time, therefore it is important to pay notice to the first suspicious signs or symptom,” Dr Kaur further said.

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