Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee President K Therie.
File image of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee President K Therie.

The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) and Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO) on Monday appealed to all the Naga political groups engaged in talks with the Centre to sink their differences and come together to find an amicable solution to the Naga issue.

All the political groups engaged in the “sacred task” should sink their differences and unite in the interest of the Nagas and future generations, NPCC president K Therie said in a statement.

Stating that the “motherly prayer” of the Naga people is unity and peace and amicable settlement, the ENPO, in a release issued by its media cell, reiterated its appeal to all the negotiating parties for a unified, acceptable, peaceful and lasting solution to the Naga political issue.

“The expectation of the Naga people from a solution is enduring peace in the entire Naga areas,” the ENPO said.

However, it said, it would not be possible until all Naga political groups come together and hammer out the differences, if any, and place common agenda before the government of India for an amicable solution.

While appealing for a peaceful solution, the ENPO made its stand clear that it is not a party to endorsing public mandate favouring any particular political group. It appealed to all the negotiating groups to bring about a unified, lasting and peaceful solution and not otherwise.

The ENPO and its six federating tribal bodies also vehemently condemned the firing incidents near Chenloisho village in Mon district on Sunday and at International Trade Centre at Pangsha on Monday.

It appealed to all groups concerned to honour and respect its December 18, 2007, public resolution to refrain from killings, threats, intimidation etc. within eastern Nagaland jurisdiction.

The political affairs committee of NPCC held a meeting at Chumukedima on Monday to discuss the current political development. It appreciated the Centre for its sincerity towards the Naga talks.

The meeting appealed to all the negotiating groups to hear the voice and aspiration of the people for peace, corruption-free and progressive Nagaland.

Saying that Nagaland is in a pitiable condition and people are tired and fed up with delay in finding a solution, the NPCC said the present settlement must bring back system in governance.

While hammering out the solution, it said contemporary political realities have to be taken into account and the special provisions provided in the Constitution of India should be preserved and protected with more clarity to safeguard the legitimate rights of the people and their land and its resources.

The PCC assured all possible support from it so that decades of negotiations fructify into reality.

Bhadra Gogoi is Northeast Now Correspondent in Nagaland. He can be reached at:

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