The Nagaland Power Department has decided to make special efforts to handle power theft in Dimapur district.   

The department will also take special measures to improve power revenue collection in the district. 

Dimapur district consumes more than 50 percent of the power supplied in the State. There is also rampant power theft in the district. 

Principal Secretary, Power, KD Vizo said a special team headed by the additional secretary of the department will visit Dimapur district every fortnight to study ways and means of controlling power theft and improve revenue collection in the district. 

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Vizo said apart from taking initiatives to control power theft, the special team will monitor the attendance of both office and field staff in Dimapur and Chumukedima Electrical divisions.   

The team will educate the general public of Dimapur to accept pre-paid metering system and adopt energy saving methods.  

It will also educate the electrical consumers on how to pay for what they consume, he stated. 

Vizo pointed out that the overall power revenue of the department is falling short and that there is an urgent need to control the situation. 

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“As on date, proper technical mechanisms are already in place, and if power theft is controlled and proper energy saving methods are adopted, there should be no overloading or load shedding in Dimapur district,” he said. 

The department appealed to all the citizens of Dimapur district to extend their cooperation in controlling power theft so that unnecessary overloading or load shedding can be avoided.  

This will help the department extend better service to the important commercial town of the State, Vizo added. 

Bhadra Gogoi

Bhadra Gogoi is Northeast Now Correspondent in Nagaland. He can be reached at: