Institutional quarantine centre
An institutional quarantine centre in Chozuba sub-division. Image credit - Northeast Now

The Chozuba Range Public Organisation (CRPO) and the village council chairmen of 17 villages under Chozuba sub-division in Phek district of Nagaland have come together to contain the spread of COVID19.

The villagers have contributed raw materials and provided manpower village-wise to construct fencing and sanitary sheds at the designated institutional quarantine centres in the sub-division under the supervision of Chozuba administration and block-level task force on COVID19.

Facilities like electricity, water pipelines, bedrolls, sanitary materials, basic usages were arranged by the people of the sub-division individually.

According to a release issued by CRPO press and media secretary, Vezholhu Khusoh on Wednesday, the public buildings, which have been designated as institutional quarantine centres include Govt Middle School Chozuba, Govt HS School Chozuba, Govt High School Japan Riba and Women Resource Centre, Rungu Nasa.

The boys’ hostel of the Government Higher Secondary School has been kept as reserved quarantine centre and the community health centre at Chozuba as isolation ward. Vamuzo memorial town hall is being used as a common mess for the quarantine centres and task force, the release said.

As on May 18, altogether 17 returnees from Guwahati have been quarantined at the Government Middle School Chozuba, the release said.

The CRPO appreciated the churches of Chozuba town for voluntarily shouldering the responsibility of kitchen works.

It expressed gratitude to all frontline workers, especially the administration and block-level task force, NGOs, churches and civil societies, for their cooperation and extending their services to fight the virus.

Bhadra Gogoi

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