Imphal: Proscribed insurgent group People`s Liberation Army (PLA) is now resorting to human trafficking to get new recruits, defence sources said on Friday.

A team of Assam Rifles after the apprehension of a PLA recruiter found that they were now getting involved in human trafficking so that they can have new recruits.

The recruiter namely Mantrimayum Tababa alias Pamuba Singh, a resident of Irengbam Awang Maning Leikai, Nambol village in the southern part of Manipur was under the scanner for a long time. He was apprehended while he was attempting to surreptitiously transport the youth to Tamu, Myanmar.

One such attempt was foiled recently by the Assam Rifles wherein a 19-year-old youth from Wangjing, Thoubal District of Manipur was lured by a local PLA recruiter on the pretext of a job in Tamu. The PLA is losing its credibility and ideological support from the locals and especially the youth in Manipur which shares its border with Myanmar, the statement said.  

Most of the youths in the state have now realized that PLA and other insurgent groups are a hindrance in the path of peace, progress, and prosperity of the State and thus no longer want to be associated with them, the statement said.

Resultantly, PLA is now resorting to human trafficking to get new recruits, the statement said. Their modus operandi includes identifying and luring the financially underprivileged youth to be trafficked to Myanmar under the pretext of job opportunities.

Once in Myanmar and left with no option the youth is compelled to join the insurgent camps as recruits and face retributions if they do not comply.

Incidentally, the parents of the youth were not even aware of the entire incident and conveyed their gratitude to the security forces for saving their son from the clutches of the PLA.