Top Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, on Sunday, launched a scathing attack on the BJP-led government in the Centre. 

Terming the BJP a party of Hindutvavadis, Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress party is determined to defeat it and bring ‘Hindus’ to power. 

“The two words – ‘‘Hindu’’ and ‘Hindutvavadi’ – have different meanings. I am Hindu but not Hindutvavadi,” Rahul Gandhi said. 

“Mahatma Gandhi was a Hindu, but Nathuram Godse was a Hindutvadi,” Rahul Gandi said while addressing the mega rally at Jaipur. 

“Mahatma Gandhi was a Hindu who sought for truth his entire life. He was killed by Hindutvavadi who sought only power, his ideology was to kill anyone, say anything just for the power.” 

“We will defeat the Hindutvavadis and bring Hindus to power,” Gandhi said. 

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“Hindutvavadis spend their entire life in search of power. They want nothing but power and can do anything for it. They follow the path of ‘Sattagrah’, not ‘Satyagrah’. This country is of Hindus, not of Hindutvavadis,” Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said. 

“We have to bring back the rule of Hindus again, one who embraces everyone, that respects every religion, that seeks the journey of truth,” he said. 

“Who is Hindu? The one who embraces everybody, fears nobody, and respects every religion,” Gandhi said.

Terming the three farm laws that the Centre rolled back recently as “black laws”, Rahul Gandhi said that Modi government had stabbed the farmer in the back. 

Rahul Gandhi said: “The Modi government stabbed the farmers in the back by the means of the three ‘black’ farm laws.” 

He added: “Over 700 farmers died during protests. But now the Centre says that it does not have any death records.” 

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Addressing the rally, Priyanka Gandhi said: “Today’s government at the Centre is only about lies. This government is working for a few industrialists. The amount of money they spend on advertisements, why don’t they give it to the farmers?”

She added: “You are here today because an LPG cylinder costs around Rs 1000, mustard oil costs around Rs 200 per litre, petrol and diesel prices are rising, and no one is listening to the troubles being faced by the common man.”

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