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The Centre has mooted strategy to enhance logistic movement across the Northeastern States.

Revealing this, senior adviser in the NITI Aayog Anil Srivastava told Northeast Now, “We also plan to enhance the movement of logistics in and across the Northeastern region which also holds the key for trading with our eastern neighbors.”

The government has taken up multiple initiatives for increasing connectivity of the NE region. Multiple infrastructure projects for developing roads and railways into the Northeastern region are currently in place.

“Special schemes and concepts such as HIRA (Highways, Inland Waterways, Railways and Airways) by NITI Aayog and DoNER and UDAN under MoCA are novel initiatives taken up by this government. Our policies are inclusive taking into consideration the importance of providing seamless connectivity to the Northeastern States,” Srivastava said.

Srivastava, who is also looking after the transportation sector in NITI Aayog, said that they are implementing Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for a faster mobility.

“ITS is a revolutionary concept that has been doing rounds recently. It looks at solving multiple aspects of mobility plaguing our current transportation systems. It aims at modernizing the way people, goods move and the infrastructure built around it. Use of innovative measures and providing quick, efficient and data backed solutions for issues like payment systems, reducing congestion, vehicle safety & control, emergency responses, parking management, etc.,” he said.

Srivastava also talked about the employability issue in the country. “India is among the fastest growing economy in the world and Indians are proving their mettle in all fields. Employment opportunities are being generated in all sectors and we at NITI Aayog are focusing on improving the employment elasticity of the country,” he said.

India has the biggest workforce in the world of which majority are youth. This can contribute to development of the country in a dynamic and resounding fashion.

“Recent studies have indicated how formalization of jobs is also happening in the country. One of the key focuses for electric vehicle (EV) policy of India is also the employment generation aspect. We are looking at creating jobs not only in manufacturing but also through entrepreneurship. We are promoting technological innovations and research and therefore, EV ecosystem is guaranteed to create millions of jobs in India directly and indirectly,” he said.

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