Monika Rauth’s short story collection ‘My Island My Majuli and other stories’ is more of a travelogue than a work of fiction.

The stories move around the enchanting Northeast as if they are actual happenings in this part of the country.

The writer has presented the Northeast is such a detailed manner in the stories that the characters come alive to speak not only about their lives but the entire region which has more to offer than one can imagine.

The stories have the aroma, flavour and feel of the north-eastern region that the writer has felt herself during her sojourn in the region.

The title story ‘My Island My Majuli’ is a pictorial documentary that depicts the river island on the mighty Brahmaputra at its purity and serenity…ofcourse its perennial problems.

The turbulence, the flood, the erosion that the river island faces every year as felt by the central character reflects the true picture of Majuli.

All the other stories set at various places of the Northeast, be it Meghalaya or other places gives a detailed feel and scent of the place.

One whose heart lies in those places can not only identify with the places but can relive themselves in the characters portrayed.

Although the stories are all fictional, they in all their hues and shades reflect the writer’s detailed observation of the places, their people and their lives.

The stories are also reflections of the writer’s deep perceptive insight into understanding the thought process and emotions of the people whom she must have met.

Author Monika Rauth

Monika Rauth has spent a major part of her life at different stages in the Northeast.

This has developed her strong connection and understanding of the people, culture, beliefs, traditions, struggles and what not of the people of the region.

The book therefore contains most of the stories that are set in Assam, Meghalaya, particularly Shillong and other pockets of the region.

Even her connect with neighbouring Bangladesh gets beautifully assimilated in a couple of the stories.

The book is sure to enthral all those readers whose heart and soul belongs to the Northeast.

The book is being published by Spectrum Publications of Guwahati.

Asif Ibrahim

Asif Ibrahim is Chief Copy Editor of Northeast Now. He can be reached at: