This summer stay cool with some really enriching juices.

Workouts, jogging or hitting the gym are fine.

These will get a shot in the arm with these healthy juices to make your summer enjoyable and relishing.

These juices will also help in burning belly fat giving you a tummy for others to envy.

The primary among these magic juices is cucumber juice.

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Drinking cucumber juice before sleeping is very beneficial.

This detox drink will help the stomach by not allowing the fat around the waistline to grow.

It is also an amazing cooler and has only approximately 45 calories.

Lemonade is another drink to die for.

The citric fruit helps to expel all harmful toxins from the system while cleansing and refreshing it.

It not only helps to detox but is also effective in weight loss.

Aloe vera juice is another magic drink.

Aloe vera juice is not just amazing for the skin but also helps in weight reduction.

Drinking a cup of aloe vera juice before bedtime heps in shrinking the waist size.

Ginger juiceā€¦surprised? But yes it has its own health benefits.

Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory and gastric properties that aid digestion.

Including some ginger juice in daily routine will not only help to tone down but also keep the digestion sound.

Any mixed juice is always beneficial to the body and the system.

Add a cucumber, a bunch of parsley or green coriander, one lemon, one tsp grated ginger, one teaspoon aloe vera juice and half a cup of water and grind it.

Next filter it and fill it up in a jug.

Drink it daily before sleeping.

Stomach fat will be reduced.

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