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Leaders and top brass of various terrorist groups across the country including Assam educate their children in good schools while ironically call others’ children to take up arms and join militancy.

This was remarked by Dibajyoti Saikia, an active social activist who is also the secretary general of a social organization, ‘Brothers’, during his address at an awareness programme organized at the VDP conference hall in Digboi.

Saikia was stressing on real, quality and value based education that teaches ‘us the sense of self-respect and respect for others as one of the remedies to mitigate the menace of growing crimes on women and children.

The special awareness programme basically meant to ignite among the people and create awareness among them on various deep-seated socio-cultural evils and threats was organized by VDP Digboi in association with District Police.

Members and representatives of VDPs, women VDPs, representatives various socio-cultural organizations, different women organizations, office bearers of Digboi town committee were present in the meaningful episode.

Saikia been relentlessly working for past one month across the state of Assam creating awareness among the people particularly in rural pockets on various social odds like atrocities upon women and children, terrorism, child labour, superstitions and witch hunting etc.

According to him, the challenges needed to be nailed out unitedly only after knowing the right cause and effect of these social menaces, equipping ourselves with proper legislation and its designs, nature and intentions.

‘Brothers’ being a national level social organization has been a beginner of crusades against the social menaces and has been striving hard to realize its end including effective legislation since 1999.

Saikia, who is also a national member of national core committee of team Anna said that self-centred individuals in society claiming to be leading his life in a safe zone by being a silent observer ignoring the increasing crimes and perverted act committed around him, ought to shoulder the responsibility more for the present deteriorating scenario.

The mute spectators to the crimes simply magnify its vicious extent encouraging the anti-social elements to accelerate their activities.

One must act at once either by informing the police, calling the nearby people or by individual resistance when any act of perverted form is found being committed in public or private place instead of choosing a safe road to escape as the parties in conflict doesn’t belong to him, he said.

Several other social problems and evil activities like rape and molestation, crimes on women and children, terrorism, superstitions and witch hunting were also among the topics on the table which the house discussed at length.

Other speakers including state literary pensioner Punya Saikia, Kamalesh Chakraborty, a renowned advocate of Digboi, Hitendranath Sarmah, the former principal Margherita College cum vice president Digboi Nagarik Committee also enriched the house with their words of wisdom.

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