JP Nadda
BJP working president and former Union health minister JP Nadda along with other BJP leaders at a meeting of booth level workers of the party in Guwahati on Saturday. Image credit – Twitter

BJP working president and former Union health minister JP Nadda on Saturday dared former Congress president Rahul Gandhi to speak ten lines on CAA and two lines on his objection to the Act.

Nadda said this while addressing a meeting of the booth level workers of the party in Assam on Saturday.

“They (Congress) are saying that passport will be demanded, Aadhaar card will be demanded, etc. This is ignorance about CAA. We are giving citizenship and not taking away someone’s citizenship through CAA,” said Nadda.

“The CAA is only giving citizenship to those who are already here during the tenure of Congress. CAA is not bringing any new people. We are only giving an opportunity to those people (who are already here) to live with dignity,” he said.

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“You (Rahul Gandhi) are biased. For you vote is above the country but for us, the country is above the vote and politics,” Nadda said attacking the former Congress president.

The veteran BJP leader said earlier, there were 50,000 Sikhs in Afghanistan.

“Now there are only 2,000 Sikhs in Afghanistan. There was 23 percent of Hindus in Pakistan but now there are only 3 percent Hindus in the country. So, where have these 20 percent gone?

“Hindus constituted 23 percent of Bangladesh’s population but now there is only 3 percent of Hindus. Where have they gone?” Nadda pointed out saying that the CAA would only allow these people to live with dignity.

Nadda also justified the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), 2019 by saying that Mahatma Gandhi had stated that those finding it difficult to live in Pakistan would come to India and the government of India would make arrangements for it.

“Jawaharlal Nehru had also stated that it was the responsibility of the Indian government to give relief fund for those who were persecuted in Pakistan,” he added.

Nadda also congratulated the booth level presidents and workers of the saffron party and said it is only the BJP that follows an ideal and wants to change the nation for betterment following an ideology.

“There are 2,300 political parties in India and out of this, 54 are regional parties recognized by Election Commission of India and 7 are recognized as national political parties.

“However, interestingly, all the regional parties have become dynastic and they do not follow any ideals,” he said.

He also claimed except the communist parties and the BJP, all other national parties have also become dynastic.

“If one becomes a BJP member by choice, by accident, by circumstance or by ideology, then they must thank God because of getting an opportunity to attach with an idealistic party to serve the country,” he added.