Russian girl in Guwahati.
Russian girl in Guwahati.

Amid countrywide lockdown, a Russian girl having ‘Home Quarantine’ stamp was spotted on a footpath in Guwahati.

The girl, identified as Amina, was seen on a footpath in the Christian Bast area in Guwahati at 5 pm.

She was spotted sitting in a waiting shed of a bus stop by a Paltan Bazaar police team.

According to the officer-in-charge of Paltan Bazaar police station, Utpal Changmai, Amina was staying in Hotel Bandana at Paltan Bazar along with her boyfriend. Both of them were kept in an isolation ward of the hotel, he said.

According to sources, Amina had a quarrel with her boyfriend after which she came out of the hotel and was sitting in the waiting shed of the Christian Basti bus stop.

Later she was spotted by the Paltan Bazar patrolling team.

The Paltan Bazar police took her to The Contour Hotel where there is an isolation ward.

Her boyfriend, who is staying in Hotel Bandana, has also been instructed by police to shift to The Contour Hotel, said police officer Changmai.

It may be mentioned that Russian girl Amina along with her boyfriend arrived in Guwahati five days ago from Ahmedabad.

As they had ‘Home Quarantine’ stamps and the lockdown has been clamped, they were not allowed by the authorities to move to other places.

Now, the question arises, how the foreign national could move out of the hotel amid lockdown when security has been strengthened in the city.

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