Over the last few decades, Assam has been witness to rule by so called political heavyweights bereft of political sagacity and acumen.  

The outcome being resultant of political chaos, administrative stagnancy, development being a cry in the wilderness while corruption burgeoned into a multi-headed hydra lacerating into the very vitals of the government.  

In the hands of a successive chief ministers known for their vacuity and political wisdom and vision at the lowest pit, Assam almost became synonym of backwardness.  

The bigwigs in the corridors of power in Dispur turned so lethargic in the luxuries and comforts of their ivory towers that they seemed to have virtually forgotten the swampy, bumpy, thorny and marshy countryside of the state.   

The need of the hour for long has been a leader, who has withstood the hard rigours of political turbulences.  

The people of Assam seem to be lucky that such a leader seems to have finally arisen across the political landscape of the state.  

After having romped home to victory with flying colours in the last Assembly polls, the most vivacious of the BJP MLAs elected, Himanta Biswa Sarma was chosen by the party to lead the State as the Chief Minister.  

Meanwhile expectations among the people of the state are also running high in the backdrop of the high efficiency that Sarma has exhibited in the last two decades.   

As he was an alumnus of Cotton College (now Cotton University) and a student of political science (Honours), this writer contacted Prof Sajida Begum, retired Head of the Department of Political Science, Cotton College for her comments and observation on her former student Himanta Biswa Sarma, now Assam Chief Minister.  

In her capacity as former teacher, Prof Sajida Begum observed: “The hallmark of Himanta’s mental and physical disposition since his college days was pro-activism. He was the general secretary of the Cotton College Students’ Union and during this period he had hectic engagements pertaining to promotion of academic, cultural, sports and a host of extra-curricular activities.” 

“It was indeed a miracle as to how he could strike a balance between his studies and the non-ending activities he undertook,” Prof Begum added. 

She stated, “Even in the midst of his extremely tight schedule, Himanta was a fairly bright student academically speaking, if not an exceptionally brilliant one.” 

Answering to a question, if the new Chief Minister would prove to be a successful one, Prof Begum retorted, “Of course. Since the days of the Congress regime, he has been the most successful minister.” 

“In the Sarbananda Cabinet he proved to be a phenomenon, prodigy and did wonders in the way he single-handedly tackled the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic in the State,” added Prof Sajida Begum. 

Prof Begum has also informed that Himanta Biswa Sarma was a prolific debater during his student years and this talent stayed with him throughout his political life. 

Prof Sajida Begum also added that Himanta Biswa Sarma was successful in pressurising the then State Government for introducing bus service for the students of the Cotton College in his capacity as the GS of the CCSU. 

Himanta Biswa Sarma, a Cotton College alumnus, on Monday took oath as the 15th Chief Minister of Assam.