The Japanese government has drawn up an elaborate plan to attract global talent to work in Japan

Japan, the land of the rising sun is aging at an unprecedented pace and people aged 65 and older in Japan make up a quarter of its total population. This number is estimated to reach one third of the nation’s total population by 2050.

The number of elderly people has already surpassed the number of children there in the year 1997. To add to this predicament, Japan also has one of world’s lowest fertility rates combined with the world’s highest life expectancy.

The Japanese government has drawn up an elaborate plan to attract global talent to work in Japan in order to meet its requirement of 8, 45,000 workers by 2025 and the Japanese Centre of Excellence (JACEEX) in Guwahati is here to do just that!

This organization provides a window of opportunities for people to live, study, learn and earn in Japan. This organization does not simply teach the language and culture of Japan but also provides support for job hunting and employment in collaboration with institutions in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka in Japan.

Here one can gain proficiency in Japanese language at various levels right from beginner to advanced and expert levels learning by experienced teachers from around the globe using the most advanced teaching styles. Apart from this, one can also learn to cultivate the language and culture into their lifestyle with a dedicated stand alone programme for the same.

The Japan Centre of Excellence (JACEEX) aims at empowerment of youth from across eight states of the Northeast. The organization was started with the objectives of sensitizing the youth about the Japanese language, food habits, music, art, lifestyle and culture. The organization facilitates youngsters of the Northeast region to pick from and make use of the myriad opportunities that Japan has to offer amidst their productive work force crisis.

This gives Northeasterners numerous options in terms of career choices along with promising income levels which are about 10 times higher than what may be offered to similar professionals here in India. The organization also focuses on creating a highly skilled workforce having Japanese skill standards, work ethics, sincerity and integrity, dignity of labour and human equality.

India and Japan have both emerged as close strategic partners over the past few decades and have joined hands in cooperation for the economic development India’s Northeast through connectivity building and infrastructure projects.

The Act East policy has been the driving force behind the flow of Japanese Assistance in the region where even China is barred from stepping foot. In the way Japanese assistance is vital for the infrastructural development of our nation, Japan too is in need of more workers as the country’s labour shortage reaches its most extreme level today.

There is enough room for Indian talent to enter the Japanese job markets. Their growing economy also indicates a shrinking pool of workers which is inversely proportional to the rise in number of jobs. What better place than Japan for those settling for less than what they deserve in a saturated job market like ours?

“Japan needs people who can assimilate into their culture. Although this centre is set up in Guwahati, its aim is to spread its tentacles across the most remote interiors of Northeast and empower even those job seekers who lack basic employable skills.

“At JACEEX, they are taught both the skill of their choice and the tongue, giving a ray of hope to all those willing to work in Japan or in Japanese companies in India,” says Rajeev Gupta, founder of JACEEX who has rich experience as well as knowledge of working with Japanese companies in trade and commerce for over the past two decades as well of the Northeast region.

The organization has embarked on this remarkable journey to make people aware of different routes which can be adopted by them for an alternative career in Japan or Japanese companies in India.

“In a nutshell, if these youth ambassadors of Northeast were to bring in funds from foreign shores, it would tremendously help speed up socio-economic development in this part of the country” says AK Absar Hazarika, advisor of JACEEX and former commissioner and secretary, government of Assam.

Their enterprise does not only provide a vista of opportunities to the people of the region, but also trains people in multitude skill sets, lifestyle, Japanese language and culture in a manner that these job seekers can most easily assimilate into the ‘Nihon’ (Nippon) culture.

Rifa Deka

Rifa Deka is based in Guwahati and she can be reached at: