Khanin Roy will walk 100 km and aware people on drug addiction
Khanin Roy will walk 100 km and aware people on drug addiction. Image: Northeast Now

With an aim to aware people about the ill effects of drug abuse and depression, a youth from Pathsala town in Barpeta district has begun walkathon to Guwahati.

Khanin Roy, who runs and wellness centre (Brain and Figure) in Pathsala, will cover a distance of 100 kilometres from Pathsala to Guwahati.

Roy says that through this walkathon he hopes to make people understand how hazardous for their health.

“Drug abuse is on the rise in Assam and several youths are seen to be consuming various contraband substances which are extremely hazardous for their health,” Roy said.

“I want to spread the message that they should leave drugs and embrace life. Life is beautiful, they should understand,” he added.

Speaking on depression, Roy said, “Depression is something we seldom understand and hence we don’t talk much about it.”

“If not treated, depression may lead us to commit suicide,” he further said.

“I want to tell everyone that depression is curable and it should be addressed without any fear,” he reiterated.

“One of the main reasons for the rise in drug addiction and depression among today’s youth is that they are more into the virtual world,” he said.

“I urge them to come out of this virtual world and spend more time among real people and with real friends. It will help them for sure,” Roy reiterated.

Sasanka Talukdar

Sasanka Talukdar is Northeast Now Correspondent in Pathsala. He can be reached at: