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KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang (right) during the budget session of the council. Image credit - Northeast Now

Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) CEM Tuliram Ronghang tabled the budget of entrusted subjects (i.e. given by the state to the autonomous council) for the financial year 2019-20 during the budget session held at KAAC Session Hall on Tuesday.

The Chief Executive Member (CEM) of KAAC, Ronghang placed before the House a proposed Rs 445 crore budget, a 10 per cent increase from the previous year on entrusted subjects.

There are also special packages from both State and Central governments to be availed by the KAAC for roads and infrastructural development of Karbi Anglong.

In addition to the fund on entrusted subjects, KAAC will receive additional funding from the State and Central governments as special packages.

CEM Ronghang said, “KAAC would be receiving Rs 1,000 crore as special package from the Central government for improvement of roads and communication in all 26 Member of Autonomous Council (MAC) constituencies that include beautification of roads in nine towns. Another Rs 60 crore Central package will be received for construction of roads from Koilamati to Borpung under Nilip MAC constituency. Also Rs 100 crore from State government will come as Chief Minister’s Special package for improvement of health facilities in the district.”

Ronghang said the budget for the entrusted subjects prepared by the KAAC in accordance to Clause I of the Govt. OM No. HAD.57/95/316, dated 31/12/1996. The plan budget (SOPD) is prepared as per plan allocation of 2019-20 communicated to the KAAC by the State government. The proposed budget under SOPD (Plan) has been estimated at Rs 44,528.07 lakh. Another Rs 5186.27 lakh has been estimated as CSS for Family Welfare, ICDS and DIET. A requirement of Rs 83364.28 lakh has also been proposed to the State government for payment of salaries and office contingency.”

He later placed the budget for inherent subjects of KAAC leading to a deficit of Rs 5417.30 lakh. The proposed expenditure is estimated at Rs 32297.80 lakh and the proposed receipt has been estimated at Rs 26,880.50 lakh.”

Ronghang in his budget speech said KAAC fund is derived from State and Central governments in the form of grant-in-aid and administrative charges. While the KAAC sources of revenue are derived from forest products, Entry tax, professional tax, land revenue, share of motor vehicle tax, sale proceeds from weekly markets, ghats and fisheries.

There is poor receipt of revenue from forest as obtaining of forest products has reduced due to ban by Supreme Court in since 1995. In order to meet the huge depletion of revenue receipt, the rates and fees on trading license, transfer fee on land has to be increased said the CEM.

KAAC expects to enhance revenue from the collection of arrears on royalty and taxes from CCI, motor vehicle tax, land revenue and timbers under working plan of the Forest Department.

Administrative charges and motor vehicle tax of Rs 3,900 lakh has to be received as arrears from the State government, the CEM said.

Earlier, the budget session began with obituary reference to former KAAC EM Premola Beypi, who passed away recently.

Nongee Terang is Northeast Now Correspondent in Diphu. He can be reached at: nongee.terang@gmail.com

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