A poultry shop in Bajali district’s Pathsala has been accused of selling dead or stale chicken to its customer.

Following the allegations, a team from veterinary department visited the shop named “Bajali Mangksho Dukan” and collected samples of the suspected “dead chicken”.

One of the members from the team, Dr Hitesh Pathak said, “We received information from the public that a shop in Pathsala was selling dead chicken to its customers. This is a very serious threat to human health.”

He added that they have collected some meat and have sent those samples to the laboratory for some tests.

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A local student body has also submitted a complaint to the ‘Bazar Committee of Pathsala’ and have demanded strict action against the owner of the shop.

They have claimed that the owners are responsible for a serious threat of the public health.

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The shop is said to be selling poultry at a rate of Rs 160-140 which has been termed suspicious by the locals. The locals claimed that the rate at which the meat is being sold is impossible as compared to the market value.

The AASU unit of Pathsala said the only reason the shop was being able to sell the meat at such a low rate was because they were mixing stale meat with fresh meat.

Sasanka Talukdar

Sasanka Talukdar is Northeast Now Correspondent in Pathsala. He can be reached at: sasanka140@gmail.com