Khanin Roy being lauded for completing the walkathon

Khanin Roy, a Pathsala youth achieved a remarkable feat by covering 1000 km on foot on drug abuse and depression.

He had begun the walkathon in December last year and completed it in 28 days on January 5.

The kickboxing champion set out on his journey to sensitize the masses on the adverse effects of drug abuse and depression from Assam’s Dhubri and reached Shantipur in Arunachal Pradesh’s Lower Dibang Valley district.

He had to cover a distance of 35-30 km in a single day to achieve this feat that also rendered him with a healthy constitution.

He undertook the journey under the aegis of Brain and Figure, a Pathsala based organization working in the area of drug abuse and mental illness.

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“The main aim behind undertaking a journey on foot was to promote fitness among the masses and sensitize them on the menace of drug abuse and depression,” said Khanin Roy.

“I am willing to undertake yoga, cycling, walking, running and any form of physical activity to promote fitness among people,” he said.

Anyone willing to organize fitness camps in order to maintain good physical and mental health can contact his organization.

“During my mission, a large number of people and organizations supported and praised me for undertaking a walkathon” he informed.

Roy has been involved in many unique activities in the past few years to generate awareness of drug addiction and depression.

“Depression is one of the leading causes of suicides in India and many youths with depression take their own lives for trivial matters,” said Roy.

“We may not make the society completely free of depression and drug addiction, but we can try our best to rehabilitate those with addiction,” he added.

Roy was adjudged the best fighter in kickboxing in 1999 and also won several medals at national level championships.

He even swam across the river Brahmaputra and walked continuously from Pathsala to Guwahati in 2016.

Sasanka Talukdar

Sasanka Talukdar is Northeast Now Correspondent in Pathsala. He can be reached at: