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The presiding officer of Industrial Tribunal, Dibrugarh and in-charge of Labour Court in Dibrugarh, Nogen Senabaya Deori has filed an FIR against a private hospital in Assam’s Dibrugarh.

In his FIR filed with the Dibrugarh superintendent of police, Deori has brought serious allegations of “human organ transplantation” against Aditya Diagnostics & Hospitals, Dibrugarh.

Deori filed the FIR with the Dibrugarh SP on September 16, 2021.

According to the FIR, Deori got admitted to the hospital after he felt uneasy with little fever and diagnosed as Covid19 positive after RT-PCR  test.

Deori during his tenure as the Additional District and Sessions Judge at Hojai delivered several remarkable judgments which included capital punishments to 3 and life imprisonment to 20 people of convicted accused.

“On 9 September 2021 suddenly I was feeling uneasy and had little fever. In this context, I talked to the Hon’ble Addl. District and Sessions Judge Jaspal Singh, who advised me to go to a Nursing Home for treatment. At the same time, he also agreed to accompany me along with his wife and my son to Aditya Diagnostics & Hospitals, Paltan Bazar, Dibrugarh,” the FIR reads.

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“As and when we entered the said hospital, a Doctor who was on duty told me to lie down on a bed in the emergency ward. Thereafter the said doctor did my Rapid Antigen Test which resulted negative. A moment later, my swab was also collected by him for doing RT-PCR test. After 15 minutes the said doctor verbally informed me that the result of RT-PCR is positive. So I have to take a room in the hospital,” the FIR stated.

He mentioned in the FIR that after allotment of a cabin a nurse came and administered him a saline which lasted for several hours.

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The next day (September 10, 2021), he was told to go to an ICU room immediately.

He alleged that despite his oxygen level recorded at 97 in the Oximeter, he was given oxygen.

“After sometime, they again gave one saline to me in which they put several injections. It was continued for several hours. However, at around 2 pm a nurse told me to do C.T. scan and accordingly, a person came and took me to the C.T. Scan room on foot,” the FIR reads.

“After coming back from C.T. Scan room one nurse after sometime injected one injection in my naval region. Again around 10 pm of 10.09.2021 one of the nurses came and gave me one injection (anesthesia) and thereafter I became senseless,” Deori mentioned in the FIR.

He complained that when he awoke at around 2 am on September 11, 2021, the fan and the A.C. of his room was totally off and he found myself restless, uneasy and “I could not speak properly as my tongue felt very stiff”.

“When I shouted for nurse for help several times, then two of the nurses suddenly appeared and looked towards me with surprise eyes and in angry mood. The two nurses also showed me two big scissors in their hands and scolded me to sleep again. When I refused, they showed big eyes and threatened me to sleep again by saying that they have to give injection to me again,” Deori complained in the FIR.

“By looking the gravity of the circumstances I started talking in low voice and said that I will take injection after a little later,” the FIR reads.

“When I observed the entire situation, I found it was very abnormal and saw some instruments along with injections and antibiotics bottles, medicines etc. on their table which I could recognise that those injections and medicines are meant for operation only,” it said.

“By observing all the situations I apprehended grave threat on my life at that moment and that is why at about 2.36 am in a concealed manner, I sent messages to the Addl. District and Sessions Judge Jaspal Singh to arrange some police personnel immediately to save my life,” he stated in the FIR.

The FIR further stated, “After sometime, I again could send messages to the Hon’ble District & Sessions Judge, Aparna Ajitsaria that I am in deep trouble and my life is in great danger and therefore, requested her to arrange few policemen to be on duty.”

“After a little later I could transmit some messages to Ankur Jain, Superintendent of Police, Jorhat somehow who was a good friend of mine stating that a huge organized crime of human organs transplantation at Dibrugarh is going on and requested him to tell the Superintendent of Police, Dibrugarh regarding the urgency of the matter as I did not have the contact number of Superintendent of Police, Dibrugarh at that time,” the FIR reads.

He said he rang his son Manash to save him as he was in “big trouble”.

The concerned two nurses were observing all my activities and threatening me to take the injection soon to which I agreed tactfully by telling them that I will take the injection after a little later,” he stated.

Deori alleged, “As I knew the entire situation that they are trying to kill me then I started doing some delayed tactics moving here and there in the ICU room itself so that my son and my office staff arrives at the hospital premises but the said nurses were looking at me angrily for not taking the injection and also they were looking at their watches.”

Deori said when he was trying to go out of the ICU, “two muscle boys were standing on the exit point and blocked my way. They threatened me and told me to go to my ICU bed and said nothing would happen.”

He alleged that one of the muscle boys came forward and “caught hold” of his hand and dragged him to a corner of a room in the open space.

Deori requested him not to drag him and let his son arrive there.

“Then he said me to sit down on a tool and asked me who I am and what I do. I said that I am just a farmer only. Then a muscle boy said from behind that he is telling lie and he is a Judge,” the affair mentioned.

Meanwhile, a call came from an advocate to their phone and they handed over their phone to him to talk with that advocate.

“The said advocate told me that I need not be worried and afraid and requested me to go to my ICU bed which I refused and I told him to come and help me and see the situation what is exactly going on. Then he replied that I cannot go there right now,” the FIR said.

Deori said feeling that “life would be in danger again”, he took an “adamant decision to leave the Aditya Diagnostics & Hospitals as early as possible”.

“Though some of the doctors there, trying to convince me to stay one more night but I refused and finally arranged one Ambulance and proceeded to Guwahati for treatment,” Deori stated.

Deori has requested the Dibrugarh SP to take immediate and strong action against the Aditya Diagnostics & Hospitals owner/authority/management/staff and others as per law.

“If the investigation is carried out properly in other private nursing homes/hospitals also, I am sure, many more such rackets will be busted out and lives of innocent people will be saved,” Deori wrote in the FIR.

Meanwhile, Dibrugarh Police have registered a case and started investigation into the matter.

The police have also recorded the statement of Deori.

When contacted, Dibrugarh additional SP(HQ) Bipul Chetia told Northeast Now, “We have registered the complaint and started our investigation. We have collected the statement of the victim.”

While denying the allegation, Nirmal Sahewalla, the owner of the hospital, told Northeast Now, “We tried to provide the best treatment to the patient in our hospital and he was recovering. But as he has lodged the FIR, we will fight the case legally.”

Avik Chakraborty

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