The Naga Rengma Hills National Workers (NRHNW), a body affiliated with the NSCN-IM has raised objection to the Assam Government’s ‘proposal’ of setting up of Kuki Regional Autonomous Council in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district.

The NRHNW said that the Rengma people will “never allow” formation of a Kuki Regional Autonomous Council “in their lands”.

NSCN-IM leader and supremo of NRHNW – Joseph Rengma, said that the proposal of the Assam Government to create Kuki Regional Autonomous Council “to appease” Kuki militants has come as a “big surprise”.

Stating that the much hyped visit of Union Home Minister Amit Shah to Assam recently has created an “unpleasant situation” in the Rengma Naga Hills of Assam, Joseph Rengma said “this is certain to collide with the interest of the original indigenous inhabitants – the Rengma people”.

He said the NRHNW have “taken a strong exception” to this “unjustified proposal”, adding this will certainly “heat up” the political climate in Rengma Hills.

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Renga said they are particularly against the memorandum submitted by Chief Executive Member (CEM) of Karbi Anglong Autonomous District Council (KAADC) – Tuliram Ronghang to Amit Shah to implement Article 244 (A) and upgrade the district to a State.

“This is totally not in the interest of the son of the soil,” Joseph Rengma stated.

He said that the Assam Government and the Centre should not take a “hasty decision”.

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He said the interest of Kukis or Karbis “should not be allowed to override the interest of the Rengma people as history clearly defined the political rights of the Rengma people in the Rengma Naga Hills”.

“As witnessed across the other parts of the world when history is not respected, revolutionary uprising follows. This is the natural repercussion when wrong is done to the people whose historical and political rights are wilfully denied,” Rengma added.

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Bhadra Gogoi

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