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The ‘Tini Doliya Raij’, a strong social committee of greater Dhupdhara area at the border of Goalpara and Kamrup Rural district of Assam has decided to keep the National Highway 17 clear from the domestic animals in order to prevent road accidents.

“We have decided to keep the entire two kilometres of national highway that passes through the Dhupdhara market, livestock free so that not only the thousand vehicles that ply daily may pass the area hazard free but also the businessmen of the market may get rid of the aggressive animals,” said Sunil Rabha, president of the Tini Doliya Raij.

On the other hand, while talking to this correspondent, Subodh Kalita, secretary of this prestigious organization, said, “Our area is very much accident prone. Accidents occur at an average of 15 cases per month leading to the death or grave casualties like losing of the limbs by the people.

And stray cows and goats on the road act as responsible to these accidents. Moreover, the cattle forcefully enter and devour the hundreds of the local vegetable shops which results in confrontation in the society,” he said.

The organization has given a public announcement on Saturday night giving an ultimatum to the cattle owners with 48 hours of time to harness their livestock.

The organization has also decided to impose a penalty of Rs 500 to the owners whoever fails to tie their cattle and has appointed volunteers for the purpose.

Meanwhile, commenting upon the development, Nirmal Sutradhar, officer-in-charge of Dhupdhara police station said, “This is a very good initiative. Actually, right from Balbala to Dhupdhara domestic animals like cows and goats pose challenge to the drivers of the NH-17.

If we can keep free the highway, certainly, number of the accidents will be decreased.”

The Dhupdhara Tini Doliya Raij committee is constituted by the three societies, the followers of the Mahapurush Sankardeva, local Muslims and the Rabha community.

The organization represents about 12,000 people of the area.

Significantly, when Pankal Mahato, a local youth shared the information on Sunday through social media, 450 netizens instantly liked, 45 shared and more than 150 commented positively upon the post.

Sofikul Ahmed

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