Dr Hiren Gohain

A reputed newspaper of Assam has banned the state’s top intellectual Dr Hiren Gohain for writing an exclusive write-up.

The article, written in Assamese, was titled “Bidhan Sabhar alekh lekh”.

The issue of the alleged land scam involving Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s family was highlighted in the article.

But the particular newspaper, which continued to carry Dr Gohain’s articles, rejected the article and also allegedly banned the intellectual’s articles for future publication.

What was there in this exclusive article?

Writer and former Language Editor at National Book Trust, India, Paresh Malakar has mentioned about the article in a Facebook post.

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In his article, Dr Gohain said following the current activities in the Lok Sabha, ill-intended attempts are made in the Assam Legislative Assembly to stop proper discussions and debates.

“If any opposition MLA makes a statement or raises a question that might bring trouble for the government, the ruling MLAs prevent the MLA from speaking by making hue and cry.”

… In the article, Dr Hiren Gohain mentioned about an issue that became “invisible” from discussions.

Dr Gohain termed the scrapping of the demand for a proper inquiry into the alleged land scam of the chief minister’s family on the ground of “lack of data” as “illegal” and “unconstitutional” as The Wire and The Cross-Current reported with “believable” primary facts.

“That is enough to start an investigation,” Dr Gohain stated in the article.

“It is dangerous that there is such an allegation against the chief minister of a state,” Dr Gohain wrote.

Stating that a high-level probe should be conducted immediately under the observation of the Supreme Court, Dr Gohain wrote: “During that (inquiry) period, he should refrain from his post.”

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Raijor Dal vice-president Rasel Hussain said the assault on the fourth estate is a dangerous indication of the future. Hussain claimed the government has tried to destroy the democratic voice.

Rajkumar baishya, the general secretary of Jatiyatabad Punar Nirman Samiti, said, “When the fourth estate of the democracy shamelessly surrenders before the ruling party, the remains of the democracy get destroyed.”

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