Assam environment and forest minister, Parimal Suklabaidiya has said that Sahitya Manishi Upaban, the new biodiversity park in Dhubri will be created will a thousand different species of plants that will be used for research purposes in the future.

The minister laid the foundation stone of the biodiversity park inside the Alokjhari Proposed Reserve Forest under Dhubri forest division on Friday.

The park is an initiative under the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) Scheme.

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“We are starting this project with one thousand different species of flowering and non-flowering plants, including plants with medicinal properties, which will increase over the years,” said Suklabaidiya.

“These plants will be conserved in the bio-diversity park so that they can be used for research purposes by future generations,” he said.

The bio-diversity park is also a step towards conservation and promotion of the natural beauty of the district, he added.

Sahitya Manishi Upaban will be constructed in a three-hector area in the Alokjhari Proposed Reserve Forest with an expense of rupees 23,79,878.

The state forest department will take care of the park for the next five years.

The minister also planted saplings during a plantation drive held on the occasion.

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