Image: Northeast Now

Students of the Bhola Nath College in Assam’s Dhubri on Thursday made about 10 litres of hand sanitizers.

These students of the Chemistry department made the sanitizer from the available chemicals in their laboratory with an aim to distribute the same for free among the street hoteliers and food stalls.

After the outbreak of coronavirus across the world, the available sanitizers in local markets have become out of reach for the economically weaker section people.

The local market has also witnessed a crisis of hand sanitizers because of high demand.

Image: Northeast Now

In a bid to curb this crisis, the students of the Chemistry department of Bhola Nath Colege under the proper guidance and supervision of the principal Dhurba Chakrabarty and assistant professor Dr Murshida Karim has made about 10 litres of hand sanitizers

It was informed that the students of the department has used the available isopropyl alcohol, glycerol, hydro peroxide in their laboratory and made these hand sanitizers

Dhurba Chakraborty, principal of B N College said, “We will be distributing these hand sanitizers in all the food stalls and shops outside our college premises”.

“Many people cannot afford these hand sanitizers, as the shopkeepers are charging exorbitant price. We are going to distribute hand sanitizers for free to them as a measure of awareness.”

The students of other departments are also volunteering for distributing leaflets on COVID-19 symptoms and preservative measures, said Chakraborty.

Mukesh Kr Singh

Mukesh Kr Singh is Northeast Now Correspondent in Dhubri. He can be reached at: