Following the detection of COVID-19 cases in Ward No 2 and 3, Gauripur town of Dhubri district have been declared as containment zone with immediate effect.

Deputy Commissioner,Dhubri  Ananta Lal Gyani vide his order said that, “Whereas, it has been observed that there is clustering of COVID-19 positive cases in the Ward No 2 and  Ward No3 of Gauripur Town area due to sudden rise in COVID-19 postive cases for last couple of days and on closer look at the ground level situation, it is apprehended that there are also some more COVID-19 positive cases outside these two wards but comparatively lesser in numbers and clustering of the episode cannot be ruled out.”

And whereas due to the clustering of cases in the above mentioned wards in Gauripur town, it is felt necessity to declare containment zone covering entire Ward No 2 and 3 of Gauripur town following the community level Rapid Antigen Kit Test for COVID-19 which  has been organized w.e.f. 23/07/2020 to ascertain the momentum of clustering, said order.

And whereas, I have been given to understand that due ta extensive testing, isolation and other restrictive measures, community/ cluster spread of COVID-19 has been contained to some extent and is showing optimistic containment of the pandemic which necessitates further extension of prohibitory measures in the areas where clustering has been observed, he remarked.

And whereas, it is felt necessary to put in place stringent prohibitory measures to contain further spread of COVID-19 in Dhubri district which has posed a major threat to public health, hygiene and safety of general people,the Deputy Commissioner cum Chairman of DDMA, Dhubri Anant Lal Gyani has promulgated the order enforcing ‘Containment Zone’ in the areas falling under the above mentioned Municipal Ward No 2 and 3 under Gauripur Municipal Board with immediate effect for next 14 days and remains in force until further order.

Movement of people in the containment zone is strictly prohibited where essential supplies are provided by the authorities at people’s doorsteps.

Notably, the Comunity Health Centre of Gauripur town has already been declared as a containment zone two days ago.

Mukesh Kr Singh

Mukesh Kr Singh is Northeast Now Correspondent in Dhubri. He can be reached at: