Anglo-Kuki war
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DIBRUGARH: The Kukis of Dibrugarh befittingly and with all religiosity observed the One Hundred and Fifth Anniversary of the Anglo-Kuki War of 1917-1919 here in Dibrugarh with the theme, “Cherishing and Upholding the Spirit of the Anglo-Kuki War fought in Defence of Ancestral Land and Freedom”. 

The Anglo-Kuki War was one of the biggest uprisings by the tribe against the colonial power in history. The war ensued following the Kukis’ refusal to join the Labour Corps during the First World War and it lasted for almost three years. The war has been variously known as the “Kuki Rising”, “Anglo-Kuki War”, “Great Kuki Rebellion”, and “Zou Gaal”. 

The centenary celebration of the War was held in three different places having connection with the important episodes of the war starting from 2017 at Longpi village, 2018 at Songpi village and the closing ceremony at C Aisan in 2019.

The well attended meeting was chaired by Dr.Lamkholal Doungel, Convener of the Anglo-Kuki War Anniversary Celebration and Chairman of the Kuki Worship Service Dibrugarh. 

Dr. Doungel gave his welcome greetings wherein he underscored the seriousness and urgency of the need to bring back the past glory of the great Kukis. In the same breathe he also exhorted saying that “we must uphold and cherish the spirit of the Anglo-Kuki War; and today it is requisite that we outthink to outfight our enemy for successful and progressive community.” 

Following one-minute silence as a mark of respect and commemoration of the sacrifices made by the war heroes, Mr. Thongminhao Haokip, Deputy Commandant, CISF also spoke on the occasion and said that “the theme is aptly chosen in the light of our present-day situation of disunity and failure to respect and give regards to the past history and traditional ethos that once united our forefathers that gave them strength and courage to fight the mighty Britishers.”

 Besides mass-prayer conducted for unity and integrity of the Kuki nation, exhortations and speeches from senior members were highlights of the function. Lalcha Lhouvum, Director in-chage IMD, Mohnbari also talked about the need to disseminate and inculcate the best history of the past. 

The other speakers were Seigoumang, Sangboi Doungel, Lamgin Kipgen and Seikholen Kipgen. They all in unison encouraged and emphasized the need to stand united and to adhere to the principles of love, truth and honesty in dealings and thereby promoting peace and understanding amongst all. 

The meeting concluded with paying floral tributes to the Anglo-Kuki War heroes and lighting ceremonial lamps in respect of all the War patriots who selflessly sacrificed their lives in defence of the ancestral land and freedom which today has become part of our great motherland India.

Avik Chakraborty

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