Actor Adil Hussain at Goalpara. Northeast Now

After heartthrob of Assam’s young generation Zubeen Garg, internationally-acclaimed actor Adil Hussain on Sunday also voiced against the proposed Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 to grant Indian citizenship to Hindu-Bangladeshis, which is supposed to affect the demography of Assam and the Assamese language.

“Bringing a new law and divide the State in the name of Hindu and Muslim and Assamese and Bengali will be suicidal. The Government should rethink about it,” remarked actor Hussain.

The reputed actor added, “We should go by the existing law and solve the problems without disrespecting the sentiment of the people in the State. People in Assam should be able to continue living like brothers and sisters among the different communities and no question should arise to bring a new law.”

Hussain was speaking on the sidelines of the inaugural ceremony of a national level educational institution – Brookfield Educational and Research Institute – in his home town Goalpara where he was the chief guest.

On the other hand, while speaking on the present education scenario, Hussain said, “At present, our education system takes us to information and knowledge but not to wisdom. Technically, we have been left out with the British education system.”

He added, “The British education system was designed to make Indians educated to work as their labour force to run the country. On the contrary, the Mughals allowed the Indian education system to run which was a Guru-Sisya tradition that led to wisdom and a sense of belongingness to the motherland.”

Hussain also advocated introduction of a course on dance and drama in Brookfield Educational and Research Institute under Gauhati University.

He also advised its 32-year-old chairman-cum-managing director to follow the latest modern education system of countries like Finland and Norway.

The Brookfield is a multi-crore educational project near Durgmandir at the heart of Goalpara town aiming to develop it to a private university.

Sofikul Ahmed

Sofikul Ahmed is Northeast Now Correspondent in Goalpara. He can be reached at: