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As many as 388 various type of seed ball including Gamari, Silikha, Behera, Imli, Suveval and Segun/Teak broadcast drive were conducted by 135 Inf Bn (TA) Eco Assam few days back to create awareness of this technique among students as well as common public which was held at Upendra National Academy, Bishmuri in Kokrajhar district of Assam.

A total of 10 teachers and 150 students actively participated in the event.

A lecture was also delivered to explain about the techniques and benefits of seed ball broadcast.

Manaranjan Bhardwaj of 135 Inf Bn (TA) informed Northeast Now that basically seed balls are also known as ‘Earth balls’ consists of a variety of different seeds rolled within a ball of clay.

Various additives may be included such as humus or compost. These are play around the seeds, at the centre of the ball to provide microbial inoculants. Cotton fibers or liquefied paper are sometimes mixed into the clay in order to strengthen it, or liquefied paper mash coated on the outside to further protect the clay ball during sowing by throwing, or in particularly harsh habitats.

He said that seed bombing is the technology of introducing vegetation to land by throwing seed balls.

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Photo: Northeast Now

Sowing seed directly in the filed is old technique to protect seed from insects, rodents and birds.

Today aerial seeding is already regarded as practical reforestation technique.

Officials termed that aerial seeding is best suited to sites whose remoteness, ruggedness, inaccessibility or sparse population make seedling planting difficult.

It is well suited for use in area where there may be a dearth of skilled labourers, supervisors and funds for reforestation.

It has the potential to help increase production of tree crops for forage, food and honey as well as wood for fuel, posts, lumber, charcoal and pulp.

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