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The 571 Abirbhava Tithi (Birth anniversary) of Srimanta Sankardeva, the 16th century Vaishnavite saint was celebrated with great devotion and religious fervour across Lakhimpur district of Assam on Tuesday.

Sankardeva founded the unitary Eka Sharana Naam Dharma in Assam inculcating all its cultural embodiments.

A four-day event was organized from Sunday onwards at 27 Khelia Bor Naamghar in Banhpati, Azad near North Lakhimpur.

The event was organized by people from 24 nearby villages turning the entire area a solemn abode.

On the third day of the event on Tuesday, Naam-Prasanga and recitation of Guru Charita was performed at the venue.

An open session was organized to mark the event in the afternoon of the penultimate day.

Chaired by the satradhikar of Sri Sri Batadrawa Satra, a discussion was held on the relevance of philosophy of Sankardeva in present times.

A bhaona was also staged in the evening of Tuesday night.

In Dhakuwakhona sub-division the Abirbhava Tithi of Srimanta Sankardeva was celebrated in Naam Ghars of every village from Sunday onwards.

Procession of Bhagawata Yatra was carried out through the main road of the sub-divisional headquarter Dhakuwakhona on Tuesday where people offered their reverence towards the holy book.

Cutural programmes and competitions on Borgeet recitation, Khol playing were also organized.

Similar programmes were also organized in Panigaon, Nowboicha, Bihpuria and Narayanpur.

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