Just hours after handing over the Arunachal boy, who was ‘abducted’ by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), China has urged India to “abide by protocols”. 

“We urge the Indian side to strictly abide by the bilateral protocols and agreements, enhance personnel management and control, and practically safeguard the normal order in the border region,” Senior Colonel Long Shaohua, a spokesperson of Chinese PLA was quoted as saying by Global Times

The PLA also continued to assert that the Arunachal boy had “illegally entered” into China. 

However, reports in India have been claiming that the Arunachal boy was ‘abducted’ by the Chinese PLA last week. 

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The PLA also informed that the Arunachal boy was found by the Chinese border defense troops during a patrol in Medog County of Xizang in China. 

17-year-old Miram Tarom was ‘abducted’ by the troopers of China’s PLA from inside the Indian Territory in Arunachal Pradesh. 

Tarom’s friend – Johny Yaiying, who managed to escape from the PLA clutches, informed the authorities about the kidnapping by the PLA. 

Chinese PLA, on Thursday, handed over the ‘abducted’ boy from Arunachal Pradesh – Miram Taron to the Indian Army. 

The Arunachal boy was handed over by the Chinese PLA to the Indian Army at the Wacha-Damai border personnel meeting point. 

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