Fasting is a detoxification process of the body that has been practiced from ancient times and is often touted as one of the foremost activities followed for many religious rituals in India.

The process of fasting plays a central role in many cultures across the world and people often keep most types of fasts for 12 to 24 hours.

While some abstain from eating oily and spicy food during fasting and prefer to feast on light food in this time period, there are others who totally leave out food and water for a few hours as a means of fasting.

Fasting is known to have many benefits like it aids in weight loss and enhances the health of heart and brain.

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According to dietician Manpreet Kalra, people with these health conditions should not keep fasts for these reasons-

i) Thyroid 

Kalra recommends that people with thyroid issues should not fast as decreased calories can reduce the functioning of the thyroid gland impacting Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

ii) Diabetes

According to the dietician, people with diabetes shouldn’t keep fasts as it may lower their blood sugar level below the standard range leading to hypoglycemia which can turn fatal for health

iii) Auto immune diseases

People suffering from auto immune diseases should not keep fasts as adrenal fatigue can further cause symptoms like severe headache, high tiredness which will only be detrimental for our health in the long run

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iv) Eating disorders

Kalra also advises people with eating disorders to stay away from fasting as it may lead to nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalance in their body

v) Hyperacidity 

According to Kalra, it is not good for people with hyperacidity to do fasting as it can cause heartburn and reduction of stomach acid

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vi) Malnourished

People who are malnourished should stay away from fasting as it can only further aggravate nutritional deficiencies in their body thereby affecting their health severely

vii) Leaky Gut

According to Kalra, people having a leaky gut should also never keep fasts as it can decrease the diversity of gut microbiome

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The dietician has also recommended this diet chart for people who keep fasts but do not suffer from the above health issues-

1. Early morning – Soaked Nuts (5 Almonds, 1 Walnut)

2. Mid meal – A glass of coconut water

3. Breakfast- Sweet Potato Chaat

4. Mid meal – A glass of buttermilk

5. Lunch – Samak Rice (Barnyard Millet) Pulao

6. Evening- Any seasonal fruit

7. Dinner- Makhana Kheer

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